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Our Lady of Pompei’s Register of Rites

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Contributed by : Mary Brown

Object # 750

April 1911

Pompei’s record of religious rites notes that Prato was 21 years old, lived at 93 MacDougal and had her funeral at 10:30 a.m., Tortorelli was 17, lived at 116 Thompson and had her funeral at 11:30 a.m.; both were bruciati nel fuoco, and the families of both offered funeral stipends. Giannatasio was 24 and lived at 6 Bedford, Bassino lived at 97 West Houston, both were burnt in the fire, and Father Demo said their Mass without receiving the customary stipends.

Courtesy of : Ctr for Migration Studies Coll. #037, Box 49, Folder 484. All rights reserved.

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These masses and the April 26 Mass were all said without a stipend, an indication that this was something the priests wanted to do for the community, rather than someone in the community wanting the priests to do for them. A woman named Angiolina Cinque offered a stipend for the general memorial April 3.

– Mary Brown