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An investment in worker safety

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Contributed by : Joel Sosinsky

Object # 513

1911 / 2011

The Triangle factory owners bought fire insurance to keep money in their pockets, rather than provide for workers’ safety by installing sprinklers – those were available then! If the Asch Building had sprinklers on March 25th, 1911, 146 people wouldn’t have died – people wouldn’t have jumped to their deaths. Workers go to work everyday, expecting to come home every night. And still, businesses think that profits for the owners are more important than ensuring safe working conditions that will allow workers to come home – that’s what’s strikes me as wrong.

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The sprinkler head was on view at the Fashion Institute for Technology in NYC as part of the the Triangle Fire Open Museum in 2012

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The photo above is the Rockwood 1912 Model D. Rockwood sprinklers could be readily identified by their distinctive four-piece fusible element, which they developed in 1906 and used for decades later.

– Walter S. Beattie, in “Evolution of the Fire Sprinkler”, Fireline, ASSE

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