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We are all vulnerable to fire

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Contributed by : Josefina Sanfeliu

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All civilians and firefighters of any age, ethnicity, physical ability are vulnerable to fire. This photo depicts the reflection Latinas Against FDNY Cuts held at the site of a fatal arson which killed five on a top floor walkup when FDNY crews were reduced during winter fire season 2004-05.

Courtesy of : Latinas Against FDNY Cuts, NoDerivs Creative Commons

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Latinas Against FDNY Cuts/LAFC is a grass-roots coalition of volunteer individuals and organizations concerned about the destructive force of fire. LAFC members include survivors, relatives and neighbors of fires, clergy, community board members, students, elected officials, labor and community organizations.
LAFC every May organizes the annual Walk Against FDNY Cuts/WAFC tour that passes Brooklyn’s closed fire companies and reflects at major fatal or arson fires that result in death, injury, poverty and homelessness. We express our distress for reduced fire safety services and show appreciation for NYC’s Bravest who daily risk life and limb, protecting our lives for 350 years.

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